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Fans of “The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” are questioning the authenticity of Jennie Nguyen’s season 2 storyline.

In a surprising scene, the Bravo newcomer’s husband, Duy Tran, suggested the two invite a sister wife into their marriage to give them more kids. Jennie and Duy share three children, Atlas, Triton, and Karlyn, per Woman’s Health.

In an episode that aired earlier this season, Jennie, who is in her mid-40s, revealed that she had her tubes tied after having her children and suffering multiple miscarriages. But the RHOSLC star was taken aback when her husband approached her on camera to tell her he felt an “emptiness” in his heart as he pitched the idea of a sister wife.

After Jennie asked her husband why she would agree to share him with another woman, he admitted he did not want to “sacrifice” their relationship but that he had an “empty feeling” that more children would fulfill.

During an appearance on “Watch What Happnes Live,” Jennie revealed that the on-camera conversation was the first time her husband ever brought up the sister wife subject. She said she found the idea “shocking,” per Bravo’s Daily Dish.

RHOSLC Fans Are Not Buying the Sister Wife Storyline

In a thread on Reddit, fans questioned Jennie and Duy’s sister wife storyline after a poster wrote, “I know a lot of the women, across franchises stretch the truth to push a storyline but this one feels totally inauthentic and just… made up?”

“Yes. I find it impossible to believe a spouse would choose filming on a new show to decide to throw that one out there. Especially as they do seem like a close couple and their religion has nothing to do with plural marriage,” a commenter wrote.

“YES!” another agreed. “When she was talking about it with her husband, it sounded so scripted. At one point it appeared that he forgot his lines. He looked confused for a minute, then repeated what he had just said. “I want more kids.” Two minutes later ‘Errr, I want more kids.’”

“This is what happens when u let production ‘add’ a new friend. That’s why the whole housewives franchise is collapsing. All the fake acting,” another chimed in.

“The desire to have more children on behalf of her husband and lack of dealing with the trauma of losing their child? Not fake. Actually considering and proposing a sister wife? FAKE,” another wrote.

Other fans pointed to the major storylines dominating RHOSLC this season with Mary Cosby, Jen Shah, and Heather Gay, and speculated that Bravo producers may have cooked up the storyline to give Jennie her own drama.

“She’s competing with a cult leader, a potential felon, and the growth and humility Heather shows that we all love and can’t get enough of…. She needs a sister wife story,” a fan noted.

Others noted that while it is “horrible” to think the story could be true, it’s even worse if Jennie and her husband put such a narrative out there when they have three kids who are old enough to read about it online.

Another fan noted that plenty of “Real Housewives” husbands cheat and that Duy probably thinks having a sister wife is more moral than cheating.

Jennie Opened Up About Her 10 Traumatic Pregnancy Losses

One aspect of the story that is true is that Jennie and her husband suffered multiple losses during their marriage. In an earlier episode of the Bravo reality show, Jennie revealed that she had “13 pregnancies with three living kids and one stillbirth,” according to People. Jennie suffered 9 miscarriages and lost a daughter at 42 weeks of pregnancy. She revealed that she was heavily sedated when she delivered her stillborn child but that her husband witnessed the tragic loss after she had an emergency c-section.

“For me, I cannot comprehend the whole thing because I wasn’t coherent,” Jennie said in the RHOSLC episode. “They tried to resuscitate her, they tried to bring her back, [Duy] was there the whole time. I think there’s something inside of him that feels like he lost something.”

Jennie also revealed that she has tried to get her husband to go to therapy to deal with the tragedy.

After the episode aired, Jennie addressed fans on Instagram to make it clear that she loves her husband and that he never pressured her to “go through childbirth” again and risk her life following their losses.

“ All he said was he wanted more children. Maybe the delivery was misleading, but I know how much he loves me and our children,” she wrote. “All I’m asking is please be kind because this is my family.”

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RHOSLC Fans Think Season 2 Storyline is Fake

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