Saweetie Debuts Radical Hair Transformation With Bikini Christmas Post #Trending ❤️💟❤️

Saweetie is ringing in the holiday season with a new look. The “Icy” rapper, known for her colorful and long tresses, has started over with something unexpected. Saweetie shared her new look on Instagram. The rapper, who recently made her SNL debut in a performance that garnered lots of social media praise, has shaved her head bald. Not only is she hairless, but she also dyed the baldie blonde.

Saweetie posted a series of tropical photos featuring her in a pink bikini, poolside below a palm tree, with large hoop earrings and a glass of wine beside her. She does several poses, both side and head on facing the camera. Saweetie also poses in the ocean with a thong backside showing.

She captioned the photos with a series of emojis, including a bald head emoji, a palm tree emoji, and a pink flower emoji. The reviews from her 12.9 million followers are mixed. Some are shocked, comparing her to Amber Rose, and not in a good way.

“Girl where tf yo hair,” one wrote. “How can u be the baby hair queen with no hair,” another asked.

Others were excited about the rapper’s new look. “I love it,” one wrote with an exclamation point. Another simply commented with three heart-eye emojis.

Other fans say they’ve noticed a change in Saweetie in recent months. She has gone through some personal trials, splitting from her longtime boyfriend Quavo. Some say that when a woman is experiencing an emotional rollercoaster, they make a drastic change to their appearance. And that’s exactly what some fans believe Saweetie is doing.

“Man she been going thru it,” one commented. “I hope you’re ok – you look cute but something has been different about you energy-wise,” another wrote.

Regardless of how people feel about her new look, Saweetie has a lot to celebrate. She will be a guest lecturer at her alma mater, USC, where she’ll be curating her own courses in entrepreneurship. She graduated from the university with a degree in business in 2016.

The business degree has paid off. Saweetie has several major partnerships with MAC Cosmetics, McDonald’s, and CROCS to name a few.

Saweetie Debuts Radical Hair Transformation With Bikini Christmas Post

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